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Date: 24-10-13

Single phase to three phase converter IC for air-conditioner motors

IRAM630-1562F from International rectifier packs trench insulated gate bipolar transistors and controller circuit for converting to 230 V AC mains into three phase power required for driving compressor motor of the air-conditioners and any such three-phase motors used in home appliances such as washing machines. This IC can also be used for driving three phase AC motors used in any other industrial drive applications. This integrated circuit module also has on chip power factor correction circuit.

By integrating more than 30 components, IRAM630-1562F offers protection features such as Built-in over-temperature/over-current protection, along with an integrated under-voltage lockout function, and built-in temperature monitor provide for a high level of protection and fail-safe operation. Other integrated features such as bootstrap diodes for the high-side drive function and single polarity power supply simplify the system design while reducing overall cost.

To build a complete system out of IRAM630-1562F, it only required a few more external components and IC such as microcontroller.

IR says IRAM630-1562F’s open emitter configuration enables multi-shunt current feedback for a sophisticated vector control loop, in V/Hz control loop, with no circuit layout limitation. Over-temperature is detected internally and triggers a fault condition. EMI emissions are minimized due to shorter connection routing, optimized component layout and internal shielding.

The power rating of IRAM630-1562F is it can operate motors rated up to 2KW with a current rating of 15 A at Tc of 25 Deg C.

RoHS compliant IRAM630-1562F2 begins at US $12.75 each in 10,000 unit quantities. Production quantities are available immediately.

To give you an idea of other similar product in the market, you can look into STK621-061-E from ON Semiconductor and a wide range of SPM power modules from Fairchild Semiconductor.

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