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  Date: 13/10/2013

IoT supporting DECT based home gateway for smart home electronics

Deutsche Telekom AG and DSP Group are partnering to trial a Ultralow energy (ULE) DECT technology-based home gateway solution for smart home electronics.

DECT based ULE technology features secure range, video and audio support and a simple star topology. Due to the "DECT only" frequency band this technology offers interference-free operation for the lifetime of supported devices.

The Speedport home gateways to use ULE's star topology to work long range without using repeaters. Speedport home gateway can be seamlessly connected with more than 1000 devices such as motion, window contacts, smoke and flood detectors other such sensors via ULE to enable a smart connected home.

This technology also supports Internet of things (IoT). User with Internet connection can check the status of home appliances through a Internet connected device such as PC, smart phone and tablet. The end users can monitor whether smoke alarms are operational, whether their batteries need replacement, and even to transmit the alarm to the utilities via an IP ( Internet protocol) connection.

"ULE is not just another technology in the burgeoning market of smart home applications, its outstanding range, interference-free operation and self-install capabilities make ULE the ideal platform for a smarter home," says Dirk A. Böttger, Vice President, Terminal Management Fixed Line of Deutsche Telekom. "Millions of Deutsche Telekom gateways already benefit from DECT connectivity, and most of them can be easily enabled for ULE and smart home applications by a simple automatic firmware update without any disruption to best-in-class services we deliver to our customers."

"ULE has the potential to be the unifying solution for the highly fragmented home automation market," says Ofer Elyakim, Chief Executive Officer of DSP Group. "ULE provides an interference free, easy-to-install fully interoperable solution that finally meets the increasing demand for interoperability across a variety of home application including energy management, home security and others at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Home automation solutions should be connected to the Internet, allowing users to watch and control their homes. Whether from home or remotely, ULE is the ideal solution provides all these benefits and much more."

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