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Date: 01-10-13

Fuji Electric expands its FRENIC-Mini compact inverters

Fuji Electric has announced the expansion of its global lineup of the FRENIC-Mini Series of compact inverters.

Fuji Electric shares a IMS study, which finds in the global market, the average annual market growth rate of compact inverters is about 12%, and Fuji Electric anticipates continued robust growth in this segment.

These inverters meet global standards such as CE and UL and is positioned for global expansion due to its expanded range of rated voltage.

Fuji Electric says its proprietary technology of dynamic torque-vector control enables high power output as soon as the motor is started up. This makes it possible to expand into applications that were not possible until now, such as centrifuges and guided vehicles.

The operation knob on the new models makes it easy to change the output frequency without the use of external devices.

They also feature the standard network functions (Modbus-RTU and Fuji standard inverter protocols) make it possible to centralize the control of multiple inverters.

Being compatible with the conventional product, the expanded inverters maintain the external dimensions, terminal positions same as the conventional product. Also, the model code used for commanding the execution program has been continued as well, making it easy to interchange products.

Primary Applications include Fan and pumps for residential buildings and business complexes air conditioning and Factory conveyor systems, guided vehicles, etc.

For more details visit: http://www.fujielectric.com

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