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Date: 03-09-13

ST has developed some key products for smart watch

After the smart phone, Smart watch is becoming new trend. Already couple of companies have launched successful Smart watches. Smart watches and such wearable electronic devices require chips, which are smaller and less power consuming than chips used in smart phones. Most of these devices look like big and small size sand grains.

The leading chipmaker STMicroelectronics has made available a good number of key devices for designing Smart watch and wearable electronic devices. They include processor, wireless transceiver, and mems devices.

STMicroelectronics has designed a version of STM32 microcontroller for Smartwatch. The Pebble Smartwatch which seamlessly connects to iPhone and Android smartphones is designed using the STM32 chip. STM32 microcontroller designed for wearalbe electronics devices measures 4mm x 4mm in size, so that it occupies less space.

ST has made available a mems-based motion sensor called LIS3DH for smart watches and such wearable electronic devices. The pebble smart watch uses LIS3DH to sense acceleration along all three axes.

ST has also launched energy-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy Single-Mode chip for fitness wristbands. ST’s BlueNRG network processor provides the functions needed to link the Bluetooth Smart device to a Bluetooth Smart Ready host such as a smartphone or a tablet. This chip is designed to operate for months or even years from a small coin-cell battery. Compliant with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard, BlueNRG features its own radio, processor and Bluetooth firmware.

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