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Date: 19-09-13

Ultra-high stable TCXO from Vectron

Vectron has unveiled TX–503, Ultra High Stability TCXO that uses Vectron's ultra–smooth compensation algorithms to achieve stabilities of ±30ppb over the extended commercial temperature range of –20 to 70°C. The TX–503 fills the gap between standard TCXO and OCXO product offerings while reducing power consumption without sacrificing performance, as per Vectron.

High Precision TCXO
OCXO Performance: –20 to +70°C; ±30ppb
OCXO Temperature Performance: -40 to +85°C; ±50ppb
Low Power Consumption
Tight Tolerances
Frequency Range of 8 to 26 MHz
Standard frequencies: 10, 12.8, 20, 22.1184 MHz
Meets Stratum 3 acc. GR–1244
RoHS 6 Compliant

Applications: Small Cell Base Stations, 1588-Packet Based Timing, Portable Equipment, Military Manpack Radios and Test Equipment.

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