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Date: 29-08-13

Low-power and low-cost PSoC integrates USB2 and SPI

Cypress Semiconductor has unveiled a new PSoC device designed for battery-operated electronic systems. The CY8C24x93 consumes less power and also costs less, it consumes a current of 1.1 µA in standby mode and a current of 100 nA in deep sleep mode. CY8C24x93 integrates full speed USB 2.0 interface and SPI interface. Other functions available on-chip includes 10 bit ADC, two comparators, and 16-bit timers.
The suggested applications include data loggers, thermistor hubs and any such battery-operated analog signal processing based systems.

“Our new PSoC 1 family’s low-power consumption, small QFN packages and intelligent mix of peripherals make the devices a perfect fit for portable data loggers, USB-to-SPI converters and much more,” said Kapil Rai, Senior Director of PSoC 1 Products at Cypress. “Our PSoC 1 devices deliver simplified design and fast time-to-market by leveraging Cypress’s PSoC Designer 5.4 IDE and its drag-and-drop user modules.”

The CY8C24x93 family comes in 8-, 16-, and 32-KB Flash options. The devices also support a wide operating range, allowing full analog and digital operation from 1.71V to 5.5V.

Package: CY8C24x93 PSoC 1 available in 3x3 mm2 QFN package.

Price and availability: CY8C24x93 family is available starting at $0.50 each for 10,000 unit quantities. Sample and production orders are available now.

Editorial product rating: * (Good)

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