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Date: 05-08-13

Low-cost ODROID-XU dev board based on PowerVR SGX544 GPU

Are you looking for a development board for developing graphic processor-based applications in mobile environment. Handkernel and Imagination have partnered in developing a low-cost development board for GPU based design. The board named ODROID-XU is built using Exynos 5410 processor powered by Imagination’s PowerVR SGX544 GPU that supports graphics and compute API standards such as OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, OpenGL 2.1 and OpenCL EP 1.1.

ODROID-XU allows design engineers to access the following applications programming interfaces (APIs):
Full OpenGL ES 2.0 for Android and Linux and OpenGL 2.1 for Linux
Range of near OpenGL ES 3.0 features due to a series of OpenGL ES 2.0 extensions for Android and Linux
OpenCL EP 1.1 for Linux
Renderscript and Filterscript for Android

ODROID-XU offers features for the PowerVR GPU similar to the ones found in the next-generation OpenGL ES 3.0 API standard in the form of OpenGL ES 2.0 API extensions. Designers can now design advancing applications based on Imagination’s PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU.

Hardkernel ODROID-XU development board comes in a low-cost, micro-size form factor. With 6x USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (optional), Ethernet, on-board audio codec, SDIO ports and more, the boards are pre-loaded with the latest version of the Android 4.2 operating system. Support for various flavours of Linux, including Ubuntu, is coming soon.

For full specifications and further information visit www.hardkernel.com.

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