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Date: 05-08-13

Synopsys extends its FPGA tool support to Lattice Semiconductor

FPGA based system designers can now continue to benefit from Synopsys FPGA design software for designing systems using Lattice Semiconductor's programmable logic devices. Synopsys is extending OEM agreement with Lattice by optimising its Synplify FPGA synthesis tools for Lattice' FPGAs and complex PLD ICs.

"The extension of our long-standing relationship with Synopsys gives our customers continued access to a complete, easy-to-use FPGA synthesis design flow that enables them to meet the stringent timing and area requirements of their designs," said Mike Kendrick, director, software marketing at Lattice Semiconductor. "Synopsys' Synplify Pro synthesis software is optimized to take advantage of the architectural features of Lattice's programmable logic devices to deliver the superior performance and fast turnaround time required by our customers."

Synplify Pro software supports timing driven approach to FPGA synthesis, where designers can use less number of FPGA blocks to design their required logic functionality. Synplify Pro software provides HDL support with the HDL Analyst Tool, which automatically generates RTL schematics for analysis and cross-probing with RTL source code, and advanced synthesis technologies such as automatic RAM inferencing. Synplify Pro is well integrated into Lattice's Diamond software environment for doing RTL coding, constraint entry and logic synthesis through placement and routing.

"The high performance, low power applications targeted by FPGA designers require advanced synthesis tools that deliver optimal timing results while minimizing logic to enable the use of smaller, lower power devices," said Ed Bard, senior director of marketing, solutions group at Synopsys. "Our long-standing collaboration with Lattice continues to provide FPGA designers with the tools and support required to create highly optimized FPGA implementations in the shortest possible time."

Synplify Pro for Lattice devices is available now

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