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Date: 14-08-13

Lite-On and DigitalOptics partner in producing mems|cam modules

DigitalOptics, subsidiary of Tessera Technologies and Lite-On Technology Corp have signed an agreement to produce DOC's mems|cam modules. Lite-On and DOC are working closely to ramp initial production in the fourth quarter of 2013, and add high volume capacity in 2014.

"Working with Lite-On to ramp mems|cam is critical to providing the capacity for the China market demand," said John Thode, president of DOC. "DOC could not have a better partner than Lite-On and we will work closely with them on technical collaboration and customer engagements."

"Lite-On is interested in providing new technology and high quality product in volume to our customers," said TC Huang, general manager of Lite-On Portable Image Display Business Unit. "Our Chinese Smartphone customers are showing interest levels in mems|cam that make joint capacity planning for 2014 between DOC and Lite-On very important."

DigitalOptics says the mems|cam solution delivers the fastest autofocus speed, at a fraction of the power of voice coil motor (VCM) autofocus camera modules, and are bundled with DOC's suite of computational imaging features (such as FaceTools).

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