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Date: 31-07-13

Panasonic makes microcomputer based on its ReRAM nonvolatile memory tech

Panasonic has announced it will start mass producing microcomputers integrated with its own nonvolatile memory called ReRAM. The nonvolatile ReRAM is a high-speed read/write memory suitable for portable high-rel products such as medical devices and security devices. Panasonic is planning to extend ReRAM use in devices such as electronic passports, wearable devices and energy harvesting products.

The ReRAM technology is based on .18 micron and the rewriting principle used is redox reaction of a metal oxide, which supports high-speed read/write and also reliability.

The microcomputer which is now made using this technology is suitable for portable health care applications such as blood pressure meters physical activity meters, fire alarm devices, electronic passports.

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