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Date: 11-06-13

Ultrathin Schottky from Diodes Inc target thin mobile devices

Diodes has announced its first wafer-level, chip-scale packaged Schottky diode. The SDM0230CSP provides smartphone and tablet designs with an alternative to miniature DFN0603-packaged devices, while offering twice the power density in the same PCB footprint, claims Diodes.

Diode says in the X3-WLCUS0603-3 solder pad package, the 30V, 0.2A SDM0230CSP Schottky diode has a typical thermal resistance of just 261ºC/W. This is around half that of the DFN0603 package so power dissipation is doubled in switching, reverse-blocking and rectification circuits.

Diode explains utilizing 70% less board space than the industry-standard DFN1006 and SOD923 packaged Schottkys, the 0.18mm2 footprint SDM0230CSP is well suited to high-density design. Additionally, its 0.3mm off board profile is 25% thinner, benefiting ultra-thin portable products.

This Schottky device features maximum forward voltage of just 0.5V for a forward current of 0.2A with a typical low leakage current of 1.5mA at a reverse voltage of 30V, so the power saved while getting converted.

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