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Date: 29-05-13

Linear and angular sensors from Micronas in new non-pcb package

Micronas has announced successful production of its new TO92UP package. HAL 36xy and HAL 38xy linear distance and angular measurement sensor devices are the first devices made available in the TO92UP package.

The 4-pin package TO92UP was developed at Micronas, Freiburg. The pins of this package are 5 mm longer compared to common TO92 packages. This extra length increases the flexibility for customers during the positioning of the sensors, especially in space limited applications. The plastic head with a thickness of only 1.5 mm enables the reliable measurement of magnetic fields, even in very small air-gaps.

TO92UP package is suitable for non-pcb placement of device in applications such as neutral position detection in the gearbox, the TO92UP package offers assembly advantages when the magnet is not positioned at the end of a rotating shaft. The sensor can directly be placed beside the shaft (in parallel).

“With this new package, Micronas combines its in-house packaging know-how of many years with current market trends. We see that the need for sensors with integrated components in the field of PCB free applications is steadily growing” explains Dirk Behrens, Vice President Automotive at Micronas. “With the TO92UP package, we are now offering our customers – besides the SOIC8 SMD version – a very robust package for all applications in the power train area in need of high reliability.”

The lead-frame of the new TO92UP package consists of non-ferromagnetic materials for not influencing the magnetic field to be measured. A specially developed low-stress molding compound is used for packaging to minimize mechanical stress to the housing.

RoHS-compliant TO92UP is now available in samples

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