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Date: 22-05-13

New semiconductor Wafer Level Reliability test platform from Aetrium

Aetrium has introduced a new Wafer Level Reliability (WLR) test platform to its portfolio of reliability test products, which are used by semiconductor manufacturers and wafer foundries to ensure their products exceed acceptable performance and quality standards.

Symphony WLR is a compact reliability test system that supports Aetrium’s comprehensive suite of intrinsic reliability test applications in either single site configuration or multi-site when taking advantage of Aetrium’s true parallel architecture. Aetrium’s Conductor software package controls third party probe stations for fully automated test execution and high data throughput.

“Among other benefits, WLR testing eliminates the packaging step necessary for traditional testing,” said Steve Schultz, Director of Marketing and Applications. “This provides manufacturers an opportunity to analyze devices weeks earlier and better meet critical time-to-market demands.”

“WLR is increasingly important to the reliability industry, especially for the newest semiconductor technologies that are sensitive to packaging and handling,” adds Timothy McMullen, VP and GM of Aetrium’s Reliability Test Products Group. “Symphony and Conductor are valuable tools for reliability labs, nicely complementing package level testers.”

For more product information, go to www.aetrium.com/semiconductor-reliability-tester-wlr.

Source: Aetrium

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