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Date: 21-05-13

MCU from Fujitsu Semiconductor for AC/DC and DC/DC control of EV cars

Fujitsu Semiconductor has announced new 32-bit microcontroller MB91F552 for automotive applications such as control of power supply system for batteries as well as power transmission circuitry in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). MB91F552 features 200MHz PWM module and supports peak current mode control. This MCU is designed to manage the power supply control system sub-units such as DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters to ensure stable voltage levels while supporting fluctuations in battery voltage and load fluctuations in the components to which power is being supplied.

Product Features as provided by Fujitsu:
Incorporates digital power supply control onto a single general-purpose microcontroller chip
In addition to CAN, multi-function serial and other network control functions, MB91F552 incorporates a host of optimal functions for digital power supply control—including a 12-bit A/D converter with 4-channel simultaneous sampling, a floating-point unit (FPU), and a 200MHz digital PWM module—all on a single microcontroller chip. The new chip can easily perform digital power supply control, such as the digitalization of output voltage and other analog signal feedback, as well as computation-based PWM waveform generation.
Helps significantly improve power supply system stability through the combination of digital power supply control and peak current mode control
The comparators and slope compensation circuits included on the MB91F552 provide support for peak current mode control, a method for controlling DC/DC converters and other switched-mode power supplies, in addition to digital control.
Output voltage feedback is performed by digital control during normal operations. MB91F552 is also equipped with a function that performs control using peak current feedback in order to accommodate large electric current fluctuations.
Moreover, because it employs two comparator channels, the microcontroller is also able to perform overcurrent protection via input-stage current feedback. This, in turn, contributes to the stability of power supply systems.
Featuring slope compensation circuit improves the ease of making system-wide adjustments
While slope compensation circuits have conventionally been incorporated into systems as separate components, MB91F552 integrates them on board the microcontroller. This enables easy adjustment of operating margin for a more stable supply of power. Along with the improved ease of making system-wide adjustments, MB91F552 also reduces external part counts, allowing for the development of high-quality power supply systems at a lower cost.

Availability: Sampling in May 31 2013.

To know more visit http://jp.fujitsu.com/group/fsl/en/

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