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Date: 15-05-13

SiC 1.2 kV, 50 A module equivalent to silicon modules rated at 150 A, available now

Cree has introduced commercially available silicon-carbide (SiC) six-pack power module in an industry-standard 45-mm package. When replacing a silicon module with equivalent ratings, Cree’s six-pack module can reduce power losses by 75 percent, which leads to an immediate 70 percent reduction in the size of the heat sink or a 50 percent increase in power density, says Cree. When compared to state-of-the-art silicon modules, the SiC 1.2 kV, 50 A modules deliver performance equivalent to silicon modules rated at 150 A, claims Cree.

“The efficient switching of the SiC modules allows us to use them with significantly less derating than silicon IGBTs,” stated Dr. Jun Kang, research and applications manager, Yaskawa America, Inc. “This feature enables significantly higher frequency operation, which both increases fundamental output frequency and reduces passive component size in the motor drive.”

“Cree’s SiC power module family can also provide significant benefits to applications such as solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and industrial power supplies,” explained Mrinal Das, product marketing manager, Cree Power and RF. “Even when designers simply substitute Si modules with SiC in motor-drive applications, the improved performance of SiC reduces power losses, leading to reduced cooling requirements and, in turn, to a reduction in size, weight, complexity and the overall cost of the power-electronics system.”

The CCS050M12CM2 six-pack modules from Cree are available for immediate shipping through Digi-Key Corporation and Mouser Electronics. Gate-driver ICs suitable for SiC MOSFETs are available from IXYS and Texas Instruments. Complete gate driver boards (CRD-001) are available as samples from Cree upon request.

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