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Date: 16-05-13

New analysis software suite from Agilent for its USB protocol analyzers

Agilent Technologies has announced a new analysis software suite for its U4611A, U4611B and U4612A family of USB protocol analyzers. MegaZoom technology in the U4611A and U4611B quickly analyzes huge amounts of data without delay and can analyze 5 Gbps bi-directional data of USB 3.0 in real time. The software provide immediate access to the full detail of the entire data capture buffer-up to 18 GB. Real-time performance information is calculated, counted, logged and graphed in a single display. Performance data allows designers to quickly and easily identify the events that are causing throughput problems, endpoint data retry and communication errors.

"USB has truly become a universal connection for electronic devices," said Ross Nelson, general manager of Agilent's Digital Debug Solutions group. "USB 3.0 designs have been adopted as a default connection for external disk drives and adapters for high-speed networks, placing greater demand on USB performance. The new MegaZoom technology analyzes operations in real time with a full view of the connection's performance, helping designers optimize both new and existing USB devices."

The new Link Training Status State Machine (LTSSM) views allow designers to see the real-time current state of the USB link while performance information is collected. This same LTSSM information is captured and stored with the data capture for full detailed analysis.

The Agilent USB protocol analysis software with MegaZoom is available free of charge to all users of the U4611A, U4611B or U4612A family of protocol analyzers. Download it at www.agilent.com/find/USB.

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