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Date: 14-05-13

TLI develops special sensor ICs using TowerJazz’s 0.18um CMOS tech

TowerJazz has announced that TLI developed an acceleration sensor control IC and proximity illumination sensor IC based on TowerJazz’s advanced 0.18um CMOS technology which enables TLi to provide local offerings to mobile phone suppliers in Korea where the market leaders are located. A mass production of these ICs is expected to start in Q3, 2013.

TowerJazz says "TLi realized accurate modeling as well as flash memory without mask adder for its acceleration sensor control IC and succeeded in realizing the sensing block without expensive color filtering for its proximity illumination sensor IC."

“We have been very pleased with our collaboration on these exciting products which has enabled us to provide local offerings to Korean mobile phone suppliers that are expected to be the most cost effective solutions in this market. This is the result of our close discussions with TowerJazz to utilize the advanced features of their 0.18 CMOS process. Also, these products showed full functionality from first silicon,” said Soonwon Hong, Vice President of TLi.

“Korea is an important region for technical and manufacturing innovation and we are very excited to work with a leading-edge partner such as TLi to enable localization of their specialized sensor ICs,” said Michael Song, VP of Sales and President of TowerJazz Korea. “TLi has trusted us to co-develop and bring to market their latest products and we are pleased with the progress we have made in this region which is home to many leading semiconductor companies.”

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