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Date: 14-05-13

Solar lantern by Panasonic as part of its social service activity

Panasonic Corporation has developed a solar lantern with built in mobile charging feature for charging mobile phones. Panasonic plans to bring the lantern to the market in autumn this year after conducting marketing research in off-grid areas in Asia and Africa.

Panasonic to make the product available to the wider public through the utilization of support programs offered by governments and international organizations and tie-ups with NPOs, NGOs and other social groups in efforts to contribute to the development of society.

Panasonic launched last year the "100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project" as part of its corporate citizenship activities, aiming to donate a total of 100,000 solar electric lights to people in regions of the world without electricity by 2018, the 100th anniversary of the company's founding, through local social institutions including NPOs and NGOs.

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