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Date: 30-04-13

Robust and most smallest hall sensors from Infineon for multiple applications

Infineon Technologies has launched Hall Sensors family TLE496x in a small package (SOT23) of dimension 2.9 x 1.3 x 1.0 mm. These sensors consume a low current of less than 1.6mA, they can also withstand a high operating voltage up to 32V. Additional features provided by the TLE496x product family are enhanced turn-on, reset, and turn-off characteristics.

Typical applications for the TLE496x family are position measurements, brush less motor commutation, and index counting. The unipolar and bipolar switches or latches of the TLE496x family are used e.g. in window lifts, sunroofs, boot locks, windscreen wipers, safety belts, camshafts, gearshift levers, and a wide range of industrial BLDC motors.

TLE496x family eliminate the need for any external resistors. Depending on the application they also do not require a pre-resistor or a TVS protection diode.

TLE496x feature high ESD robustness (8kV human body model or HBM) and the precise and stable magnetic switching points, they are suggested as ideal choice for high precision applications requiring robust solutions. TLE496x products feature integrated error compensation that counteracts the effects of mechanical and thermal stress. The outputs are protected against over currents and over temperatures.

The Hall Sensor TLE496x family is currently made up of three series: TLE4961, TLE4964, and TLE4968. All derivatives operate at the extended temperature range from -40 °C to 170 °C. With their switching thresholds of +/-1mT (bipolar switches), +/-2mT to +/-15mT (latches) and 2.5/3.5mT to 22.5/28mT (unipolar switches) they cover a very wide switching threshold range for latches as well as for unipolar switches.

The TLE4961-x series consists of latches. These are ideal for measuring the position of BLDC motors and pole wheels, for index counting, and for speed measurements. They are used, for instance, in window lifts and sunroofs of vehicles. The products in the TLE4964-x series are unipolar switches. They are ideal for applications in gearshift levers, car seats, and HVAC.

TLE4968-x series exhibits very low magnetic thresholds (high sensitivity of ±1mT) and bipolar switching behavior. The bipolar switches are therefore ideal for precise measurements of rotor positions in BLDC motors and for speed and position measurements in camshafts and transmissions.

Availability: All three series TLE4961-x, TLE4964-x, and TLE4968-x and various derivative devices are already in the high volume production stage. Besides the extremely small SOT23 package the TLE496x product family is also offered in the SC59 (SMD) package and the leaded SSO-3 package.

Additional information on the new TLE496x product family is available at www.infineon.com/hall-switches.

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