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Date: 24-04-13

DC/DC buck regulator IC from Toshiba operate at 4MHz and has an LDO

Toshiba has launched a sub-power management IC embedded with a DC/DC step-down converter and LDO (Low Drop Out) for use in mobile products such as cellular phones and smartphones that realizes high efficiency at a light load.

The new product "TC7732FTG", increases the coil drive frequency from the widely used 2MHz to 4MHz, making it possible to use a smaller packaged 1.0µH coil that takes up less space.

Output voltage can also be set by the I2C bus, securing a reduction of circuits using resistor ICs. External IC parts can be reduced by integrating other peripheral MOSFET and capacitors into the new product. These modifications cut the mounting area on the circuit board by 35% against single-function devices (potential reduction associated with general application products; Toshiba data.), making it possible to realize more compact products while maintaining the standard functions of mobile applications.

Applications: Mobile products using lithium-ion batteries such as cellular phones and smartphones

Main Features:
1. DC/DC step-down converter (1ch) + LDO (4ch)
2. Synchronous rectification PWM drive + Forced PWM mode for light load
3. Setting output voltage + Sequence by I2C bass

Main specifications
Product name: TC7732FTG
Input voltage: 2.7 to 5.5V
Output voltage(Configured by I2C bass): 0.8 to 3.4V
Oscillation frequency: 4MHz
Efficiency 1: 81% @10mA
Efficiency 2: 85% @200mA

To know more visit http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/eng/product/new_products/linear/1322916_37663.html

Source: Toshiba

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