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Date: 19-04-13

ADLINK's DAQ applications and ActiveX controls Library for HMI are free to download

ADLINK has made available for free its ready-to-run data capture application AD-Logger, and also DAQBench, an application providing ActiveX controls for creating professional instrumentation applications using ActiveX development environments. AD-Logger and DAQBench are compatible with ADLINK's full range of data acquisition modules and digitizers, and fully downloadable from ADLINK's website.

In addition to data collection and monitoring, important tasks such as graphing collected signal data, zoom observation, file saving, and dynamic transfer to third-party software (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Nation Instruments LabVIEW, and MathWorks MATLAB) for post analysis are also enabled. A system with compatible ADLINK DAQ devices and AD-Logger installed allows immediate data collection and monitoring once sampling conditions are configured via ADLINK's DAQPilot interactive wizard, all with no need for programming.

ADLINK also provides DAQBench, an ActiveX Controls Pack for measurement and HMI applications. DAQBench is compatible with software development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder, and others. DAQBench's various ActiveX controls include user interface, data analysis, data integration, data acquisition and SCADA controls, enabling easy development of powerful and flexible measurement or SCADA/HMI application tools.

AD-Logger and DAQBench are compatible with 32-bit Windows XP/7/8. Effective immediately, AD-Logger and DAQBench are available for free download on the ADLINK website.

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