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Date: 10-04-13

Software for Canon's MREAL Sys expands to support various sensors

Canon U.S.A. has introduced the MP-100H, a new version of software for the Company's MREAL System for Mixed Reality (MR), that enhances the functionality by expanding its compatibility to a wider selection of position-detection sensors.

Canon's MREAL System help to minimize the number of prototypes required in the manufacturing process.

The new MP-100H has increased the number of position-detection sensors it is compatible with making it suitable for broader range of settings and applications. Canon's new MR software supports the Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) standard, making it possible to use a variety of sensors, including ultrasonic sensors, which are less susceptible to the potential effect of installation environments, as well as multiple magnetic and optical sensors. Accordingly, the MREAL System can now accommodate a wider range of system structures in accordance with diverse user needs.

For more info visit www.usa.cannon.com

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