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Date: 10-04-13

Two-way communicating smart remote control based on NXP's JN5161 wireless MCU

NXP Semiconductors has introduced a smart remote control demonstrator based on its JN5161 wireless microcontroller using ZigBee RF4CE, and capacitive touchscreen that can be used to control and display information about multiple home appliances. The demo device with bi-directional communication is a reference device to learn how a remote control can be converted into a truly “smart” device that helps consumers to monitor and manage their total energy consumption in real time.

“Touchscreens and low-power wireless communications are redefining how we interact with nearly everything. Our smart remote control demonstrates how appliance manufacturers can take advantage of the two-way communication enabled by RF4CE, by displaying real-time information about environmental conditions in the home, about power consumption levels, or about the appliance itself. We also offer a straightforward migration path to more sophisticated remote controls or smartphone- and tablet-based systems using ZigBee PRO and JenNet-IP,” said Jan Willem Vogel, senior director, Appliances, Energy and Automation segment, NXP Semiconductors. “For heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in particular, better information can help consumers and facilities managers to optimize usage, for tremendous energy savings.”

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