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Date: 20-03-13

Analog front end reference design for medical electronics

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a Healthcare Analog Front End (AFE) reference platform that includes hardware, schematics and software for easy prototyping, so that designing medical electronics device can be speeded up using Freescale's chips.

The Freescale Healthcare AFE reference platform is built around the Kinetis K53 MCU which includes an integrated analog front end (AFE) featuring everything needed to capture biometric sensor data. The integrated AFE contains a precise voltage reference, four high performance amplifiers and two high-resolution ADC and DAC modules.

“The continued consumerization of healthcare is putting significant pressure on the medical device engineering community,” said Steven Dean, director of vertical solutions marketing at Freescale. “These engineers are expected to complete designs in a few months, and they appreciate anything vendors like Freescale can do to make the process easier and faster. Our healthcare-specific AFE reference platform allows engineers and external design firms to more easily prototype products and complete more projects in a shorter timeframe.”

Availability : Although not available for purchase, the Healthcare AFE reference platform is available through Freescale sales representatives.

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