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Date: 27-03-13

Renesas develops digital TV broadcast reception middleware for automotive SoCs

Renesas Electronics has developed digital TV broadcast reception middleware products for automotive SoC devices: a new ISDB-TB (Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting—Terrestrial Brazil) (One-Seg) broadcast reception middleware product for the Brazilian market and the addition of the new “content protection system” standard for Japan to the ISDB-T (Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting—Terrestrial) (Full-Seg) broadcast reception middleware product. Both products will be available starting in April 2013.

Key Features of the new two middlewares:

(1) Support for the terrestrial digital TV broadcasting standard used in Brazil
Compliance with Brazil's terrestrial digital TV broadcast standard (ABNT NBR 15601-15608, established by the Brazilian Technical Standards Association) makes it possible to develop products with digital TV functionality as that nation's economy enters a phase of anticipated rapid expansion.
(2) Improved support for low signal strength conditions typical of mobile reception and enhanced measures to deal with unauthorized content
The new middleware product was developed based on Renesas' ISDB-T (One-Seg) broadcast reception middleware, which has a proven track record in mobile receiver applications in Japan. It features improved support for low signal strength conditions typical of mobile reception and enhanced measures to deal with unauthorized content, greatly reducing the possibility of malfunction.
(3) Support for two video outputs and two audio outputs to meet the requirements of vehicle information systems
In vehicles with separate displays for the front and back seats, two feeds of received video can be output simultaneously at different screen resolutions. There is also support for two audio output feeds, so different volume levels can be set for the front and back.
(4) Ultrahigh-resolution technology for high-quality reception images
An ultrahigh-resolution function with six selectable effect levels lets the user adjust the picture quality to match the broadcast content.

(1) Addition of new content protection features
Support has been added for reception control functionality that complies with the content protection system (ARIB4 ARIB STD-B25 standard, part 3), which does not utilize an IC card (B-CAS card). This makes it possible to implement the existing system (which uses a B-CAS card) and the new content protection system (which does not require a B-CAS card) using a single middleware product, thereby providing customers with more flexibility in developing systems and rolling out new product versions.
(2) Support for mobile reception environments
Low signal strength reception performance has been improved to provide better support for reception environments affected by the vibrations and jolts typical of moving vehicles, allowing products such as vehicle navigation systems to deliver stable reception even while on the move.

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