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Date: 26-03-13

Tiny low noise SMT MEMS microphone from ADI for hearing aids

Analog Devices has introduced MEMS microphone designed for hearing aid devices. ADI says when compared to legacy solutions like electret condenser microphones (ECMs), the ADMP801 is not only smaller in size at only 7.3 cubic millimeters, but also offers greater performance stability over time, temperature, and environmental changes, produces very low equivalent input noise (EIN) at 27 dBA SPL (sound pressure level), and consumes only 17 µA at 1Vsupply, a fraction of the power consumed by traditional ECMs. The ADMP801 MEMS microphone is available in a tiny surface-mount LGA package measuring only 3.35 mm x 2.50 mm x 0.98 mm that is reflow-solder-compatible with no sensitivity degradation.

“Hearing aids represent an application ideally suited for the advantages MEMS microphones offer including small size, stability, and very low power consumption,” said Pat O’Doherty, vice president for the Healthcare Group, Analog Devices. “However, MEMS microphones have not offered the EIN performance levels that meet stringent hearing aid standards until now. The ADMP801 MEMS microphone offers noise performance, package size, and phase and gain stability that is very desirable for advanced hearing aids that incorporate beamforming to facilitate sound or voice localization.”

MEMS Microphone Other Key Specifications of ADMP801:
Microphone EIN: 27 dBA SPL
Current consumption: 17 µA at 1 V
Stable response over time and temperature
Package volume: 7.3 cubic millimeters
Availability: Now
Price: Each $10.78 for 1000 pieces

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