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Date: 15-03-13

Development board for evaluating eGaN FETs

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) has introduced the EPC9010 development board to help in designing power electronics systems using 100 V enhancement-mode gallium nitride (eGaN) field effect transistor (FET) in applications such as high-speed DC-DC power supplies, point-of-load converters, class D audio amplifiers, hard-switched and high frequency circuits.

The EPC9010 features two EPC2016 enhancement mode (eGaN) field effect transistor (FET) in half bridge configuration using the LM5113 gate driver from TI along with supply and bypass capacitors. Board is developed for evaluating eGaN FETs by keeping key components on a single 2” x 1.5” size board which can be connected into any existing converter. Probe points are provided to facilitate simple waveform measurement and efficiency calculation.

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