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Date: 15-03-13

Photonic component platform by Imec via ePIXfab

Imec has launched its fully integrated silicon photonics platform through a cost-sharing Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) service via ePIXfab. Low-loss waveguides, efficient grating couplers, high-speed silicon electro-optic modulators and high-speed germanium waveguide photo-detectors are the combinaton of passive and active opto-electronic components offered by Imec's platform using a standard130nm CMOS toolset.

The first run opens for registration with tape-in on 9th of Oct 2013 and first devices are expected to be out in May 2014. Support, registration and design kit access will be organized by Europractice IC service, in collaboration with world-wide MPW partners.
Imec’s Si Photonics 200mm wafer platform offers extensive design flexibility and includes –
• Tight within-wafer silicon thickness variation 3

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