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Date: 14-03-13

HEVC video encoder/decoder from Ittiam for HD compression at lower bitrate

Leading video and audio codec IP provider Ittiam Systems has launched its Video Encoder and Decoder for the recently ratified next generation High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard .

Ittiam Systems says its HEVC Encoder is a software implementation on Intel x86 based platforms, capable of High Definition (HD) broadcast quality video encoding with up to 50% compression gains over H.264 based encoders. This significant improvement in compression ratio will enable Broadcasters and Over-The-Top (OTT) television service providers to realize higher capacity in transmission of HD as well as UltraHD (4Kx2K) content at lower bitrates, claims Ittiam.

Ittiam's HEVC Encoder also suggested for offline content creation and transcoding or re-purposing for Cloud and Server based media services. DSP based implementations of Ittiam's HEVC Encoder is expected later in the year.

Ittiam Systems' HEVC Decoder software for ARM Cortex-A9 and CortexTM-A15 based SoCs allows a wide range of existing Consumer Electronics (CE) devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes to play back High Definition (HD) HEVC content. Architected to take advantage of ARMv7 Instruction Set Architecture, NEON engine and multi core processors, Ittiam's HEVC Decoder enables early deployment of the HEVC standard without the need for new or dedicated silicon, as per Ittiam.

"HEVC (H.265) represents a significant transition point in the Digital Media market. Content creators, broadcasters, OTT providers, network operators and consumers alike, will benefit from the compression and quality gains that HEVC offers", said Shantanu Jha, Vice President, Media Processing Business Unit at Ittiam. "We expect the increasing demands of online media delivery to multiple screens and increasing video resolutions to rapidly drive HEVC adoption. This is evinced by the strong interest in early evaluations and licensing of Ittiam's HEVC software solutions".

Dr. Sriram Sethuraman, Chief Technology Officer at Ittiam Systems, noted, "The compression and quality advantages of HEVC are accompanied by significantly higher computational complexity on the encoding side. We are pleased to offer software solutions for both HEVC encoding and decoding, leveraging our expertise and long experience with video compression algorithms, processor architectures, and video software optimization techniques. We continue to track further developments and newer profiles of the HEVC standard and will also be offering additional optimizations, such as OpenCL based GPU acceleration, as part of our HEVC roadmap."

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