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Date: 13-03-13

Indium Phosphide device helps Oclaro to develop 100G coherent CFP2 pluggable module

Oclaro able to make an Indium Phosphide (InP) based opto-semiconductor component in high-volumes, which can help Oclaro to develop 100G coherent CFP2 pluggable module.

By using InP component Oclaro able to demonstrate that its transmitter can achieve the high electro-optic bandwidth and low power dissipation to meet the requirements of an analog coherent CFP2.

The integrated 100G transmitter is designed using InP components which replaces two discrete narrow linewidth tunable lasers (typically external cavity iTLAs), and an external Mach-Zehnder modulator with a single component that serves as both the transmitter and as the local oscillator for the coherent receiver.

"With this accomplishment, Oclaro has reaffirmed its leadership position in indium phosphide technology and is now in an excellent position to deliver a new generation of highly disruptive pluggable modules for coherent applications," said Jim Haynes, President of Global Business for Oclaro, Inc. "We are excited that Oclaro will enable its customers to drive the growth of coherent technology into the metro and long haul markets where higher density and lower power dissipation are critical requirements and where pluggability offers significant benefits."

The coherent CFP2 production ramp is expected for mid-2014.

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