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Date: 12-03-13

ST hardware integrated with Thingsquare's IoT software

STMicroelectronics and Thingsquare have cooperated to bring Thingsquare Mist Internet-connectivity software to ST’s SPIRIT1 radio transceiver on the STM32L microcontroller platform.

Thingsquare Mist is used in connected-home products, smart lighting systems, and smart city projects, Thingsquare is built from open-source components and is praised for its low footprint, low computational requirements, field-proven, and also works with multiple microcontrollers with a range of radios.

Low-power RF transceiver SPRIT1 from ST along with ST’s ARM Cortex-M3-based STM32 L1 microcontroller is used as hardware platform for the IoT software from Thingsqure.

“Thingsquare Mist makes it possible for customers to quickly add Internet-connectivity to their products,” said Marcello San Biagio, High End Analog and RF Business Unit Director at STMicroelectronics. “The Thingsquare Mist ‘sleepy mesh’ technology is extremely efficient and helps increase reliability and range in wireless sensor networks without sacrificing battery life.”

“The SPIRIT1 combines exceptional performance in the sub-GHz band with very low power consumption,” said Fredrik Österlind, Thingsquare CTO. “With its range, the SPIRIT1 can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.”
The SPIRIT1 support is integrated in the first release of Thingsquare Mist that is available at http://www.thingsquare.com. The SPIRIT1 transceiver is available from ST For more details on ST's products visit www.st.com.

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