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Date: 11-03-13

Enhanced RX600 series MCUs from Renesas with 256KB RAM

Renesas Electronics has introduced 120 new models of its popular RX631 and RX63N product groups within Renesas’ RX600 series of MCUs.
The new parts have higher RAM up to 256 KB embedded RAM and these chips are pin-to-pin compatible with previous versions of the same family of MCUs. Increase in RAM is aimed to support applications that combine several middleware components like TCP-IP stacks and networking services, SSL and encryption, Graphic libraries and USB functions.

The other features both in this new and previous versions of microcontrollers include Controller Area Network (CAN) 2.0B compliant interfaces, two Universal Serial Bus (USB) full speed hosts, USB OTG and device features and an Ethernet MAC IEEE 802.3 interface, compliant with Media Independent Interface (MII) and Reduced Media Independent Interface (RMII), for easy connection to a PHY (RX63N only). Intersting DMA feature in RX63N/RX631 groups of MCUs (excluding the 64- and 48-pin packages) is they include an EXDMAC unit that can transfer data over an external bus independently of the internal bus occupation to support TFT solutions for up to QVGA or WQVGA class TFT panels, even if there is no dedicated LCD controller used in the application.

Optional Data Encryption Unit (DEU) and Real-time clock (RTC) with anti-tamper detection function is also highlight of these micro-controller ICs.

Pricing and Availability: The new RX63N/RX631 devices with 256 KB RAM will be available by December 2013 in mass production, with pricing ranging from US$6.35 for 1MB Flash- 192KB SRAM in LQFP 100-pin package without CAN in 10K-unit quantities to US$9.50 for 2MB Flash - 256KB SRAM in LQFP 176-pin package with CAN in 10K-unit quantities. (Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.)

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