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Date: 08-03-13

0402 chip inductor from Murata with Q of 30 at 2.4 GHz

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has started mass production of its ultra-compact 0402-size (0.4×0.2 mm) film-type high-frequency chip inductor “LQP02TQ series,” now coming into use as standard in smartphones.

This chip inductor is manufactured using microfabrication technology to achieve optimal coil pattern and also L-shaped electrode structure. With Q value over 30 at 2.4 GHz, the new LQP02TQ6N8 series (inductance value 6.8nH) has approximately 30% higher Q than Murata's earlier LQP02TN6N8 model (Q value 23) .

Its inductance lineup from 0.4nH-10nH includes 31 items with narrow inductance deviation of ±0.1nH (at 0.4-3.9nH) or ±3% (at 4.3-10nH).

Applications: High frequency modules (PA/ANT/SAW/GPS etc.) for cell phones, Smartphones, cell phones (WCDMA/GSM/LTE, etc.), W-LAN/Bluetooth and all other wireless module types and all types of high-frequency circuits

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