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Date: 08-03-13

Grayhill's touch software to support Windows 7

Grayhill's new Instinct version 1.1 software features a human interface device (HID) driver compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 multi-touch specifications. This helps in integrating Grayhill's T1 Series Multi-Touch Ring Encoder (MTRE) into systems running on a Windows 7 platform.

The new HID driver uses the gesture library already built into Windows 7 to define multi-touch data as specific gestures. To do so, the HID descriptors from Instinct conform to the HID requirements of the operating system.

Instinct recognizes and interprets input from multiple simultaneous touch points as coordinates to determine the location, direction and magnitude of change. Then, the Windows 7 driver provides for consistent gesture commands for number of applications.

Instinct is a C code source library that is intended to be included and built within OEM systems. During normal operation, data from a Grayhill touch device is passed directly to Instinct. The data is quickly processed and the results are passed to the application. Simple initialization allows the flexible setup of parameters to fine-tune the recognition process.

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