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Date: 08-03-13

Nuvoton unveil embedded super I/O chip for mother boards

Nuvoton Technology has unveiled NCT6683D the new eSIO series IC, which integrates traditional SIO with built-in microcontroller to provide the best green control on mother board / All-in-one PC systems. The “e” of eSIO stands for the "embedded” controller based SIO.

The microcontroller inside NCT6683D is a 8-bit microcontroller and the firmware code is stored in an external SPI flash, which could be updated via LPC interface or PS/2 interface with special tools provided by Nuvoton. In addition to the built-in microcontroller, this IC also features PECI (Platform Environment Control Interface), SB-TSI interface, SMBus master, DSW (Deep Sleep Well) glue logic, power supervisor, USB host, Real Time Clock (RTC), and real time Port80 display through UART TX with Nuvoton debug card or AP, make it also the up-to-date IC for both Intel and AMD latest generation platforms.

NCT6683D is also featured with ErP (energy related products) . For the conventional applications, NCT6683D is suggested as best choice because it supports LPC interface, Printer Port, 2 UARTs, KBC and GPIO (general purpose I/O).

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