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Date: 05-03-13

TI TMS320C6678 featured FPGA mezzanine card for mission critical apps

Texas Instruments and 4DSP have collaborated to develop new mezzanine card FMC667 for mission critical applications. 4DSP's FMC667 mezzanine card, based on the emerging FMC form factor, includes TI's KeyStone-based TMS320C6678 multicore digital signal processor (DSP), DRAM memory and peripherals.

"TI's multicore software development kit made it easy for us to develop support libraries for our FMC667 card," said Arnaud Maye, Embedded Software Manager at 4DSP. "With eight 1.25 GHz cores in parallel and the built-in capability to be a PCIe root complex, TI's C6678 DSP affirms itself as a control and high-end processing node for the most demanding applications."

4DSP's FMC667 card is primarily intended to be used in applications where an FPGA and DSP act as a co-processor of one another, such as video, telecom infrastructure, imaging, medical and wireless infrastructure markets. Mechanically and electrically compliant to the FMC standard (ANSI/VITA 57.1), the FMC667 module has a high-pin count connector and can be used in a conduction-cooled environment. Additionally, the card is also equipped with power supply and temperature monitoring, offering several power-down modes to switch off unused functions and peripheral interfaces.

Availability: The FMC667 mezzanine card will be available on March 15.

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