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Date: 06-03-13

100 V, 55 Ampere Trench MOSFET in DPAK+ package for automotive electronics

Toshiba has launched a 100V low-ON-resistance, low-leakage power MOSFET using the latest trench MOS process as the latest addition to its line-up for automotive applications. The new product, "TK55S10N1", achieves low ON-resistance with a combination of a chip in the "U-MOS Ⅷ-H series" fabricated with the latest 8th generation trench MOS process and a "DPAK+" package that utilizes copper connectors.

The product is primarily suited for automotive applications, especially those that demand high-speed switching, such as switching regulators. Samples are available now with mass production scheduled to start in April 2013.

Part number: TK55S10N1
Drain-to-source voltage VDSS (V): 100 Volts
Drain Current ID (A): 55 Amperes
ON-resistance (VGS=10V), RDS(ON) = 5.5mΩ(typ.)
Leakage current IDSS=10µA (max) (VDS=rated voltage)
Package: DPAK+ (provides low-ON-resistance by utilizing Cu connectors)

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