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Date: 03-03-13

Silicon IP from IDTI offers up to 4:1 data compression in 4G systems

Integrated Device Technology has announced data compression silicon IP for use in 3G and 4G wireless infrastructure application designs.

This silicon IP offers compression ratio from 2:1 to 4:1 and is the only IP in the industry achieving 3:1 compression at the error vector magnitude (EVM) percentage required in 4G systems at full Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) line rates, claims IDT. The data compression IP is available as an FPGA or ASIC instantiation suitable to support GSM, WCDMA, and LTE systems.

“Our industry-leading compression IP offers our customers the tools and support they need to develop high-performance and cost-effective wireless communication solutions,” said Tom Sparkman, vice president and general manager of the Communications Division at IDT. “With 4G-compliant EVM rates at a 3:1 compression ratio, the value proposition of IDT’s compression IP is highly attractive to all BBU manufacturers looking for a competitive advantage. Coupled with our Serial RapidIO interconnect, RF signal path, timing, and high speed data converter products, IDT offers the industry’s most complete and compelling wireless signal chain solutions on the market.”

IDT’s compression IP operates with sub-microsecond latency for the entire compression and decompression chain. This IP can also be used to compress data in repeater systems on the link between master and slave units.

Pricing and Availability: The IDT’s data compression IP is currently sampling to qualified customers as an FPGA demonstration kit.

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