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Date: 03-03-13

Broadcom router for home n/ws integrate Norton security

Norton has integrated its industry-leading security technology with Broadcom's BCM4708x series of 5G WiFi (802.11ac) home router platforms to deliver network protection and services to all devices connecting to the Internet in the home.

The combined solution complements Norton's current line of protection products and serves as the first line of defense for the home network and each connected device by monitoring online traffic for suspicious behavior, and detecting and blocking threats as they travel over the network. The solution also allows users to set and enforce unique policies for each connected device, including online gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets, Internet-ready TVs, media players and other smart devices.

"With more and more Internet-enabled devices in the home, consumers need to be confident that they can use any device seamlessly and securely, while protecting the stuff that matters most to them," said Dave Cole, vice president, Product Management, Symantec. "Our partnership with Broadcom enables us to deliver Norton solutions throughout the connected home and offer consumers the ability to manage their digital lives across new devices and environments, while being confident that their families are safe online."

"The typical router today does not have the capability to run advanced features, such as security applications and services, on top of its baseline function as a wireless access point. That's what's so ground-breaking about this offering," said Dino Bekis, Broadcom senior director, Product Marketing, Wireless Connectivity Combos. "The BCM4708x is the first router platform that has the horsepower to deliver 5G WiFi Gigabit wireless speeds while simultaneously running the entire suite of Norton's home gateway security solutions. Through this partnership with Norton, we're defining a new class of Smart Hub home router platforms and setting the bar for delivery of secure services directly to consumers."

Norton and Broadcom will collaborate with OEMs to integrate the BCM4708x-based solution beginning in the first half of 2013.

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