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Date: 03-03-13

500kHz gain bandwidth product op-amps from Holtek support rail-to-rail i/p and o/p

Holtek has released new 500kHz gain bandwidth product operational amplifier series, the HT9251/52/54. The HT925x series can operate with a 1.8V to 5.5V single power supply and with its 50uA (typ.) quiescent current, makes it extremely suitable for battery powered and portable product applications.

The HT925x series also supports rail-to-rail input/output voltage ranges. The common mode input range is from VSS+20mV to VDD-20mV and the maximum output voltage is from VSS+35mV to VDD-35mV. In addition, this series of operational amplifiers utilises an advanced CMOS manufacturing process.

The HT925x series consists of the HT9251, which contains a single amplifier in an SOT23-5 package type, the HT9252 which contains dual amplifiers in 8-pin DIP/SOP packages and the HT9254, which contains four amplifiers in 14-pin DIP/SOP packages.

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