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Date: 03-03-13

0.72 milli-ohms MOSFET to use as ORing FET in power supply units

Renesas Electronics has announced three new low on-state resistance MOSFETs optimized for use as ORing FETs in power supply units for network servers and storage systems.

These new MOSFETs feature very low on-state resistance of 0.72 milli ohms (typical value) for 30 V. Renesas claims this is the industry's lowest on-resistance for these types of MOSFETs.

The new µPA2764T1A, µPA2765T1A and µPA2766T1A are designed to meet the performance requirements of ORing MOSFETs.

The new µPA2766T1A is packed in a 5 mm × 6 mm package making it very suitable for ORing FETs for power supply units used in network servers and storage systems.

The 8-pin HVSON package is said to provide low package resistance because a metal plate is used to connect the FET die within the package to the pins. This, combined with the low on-state resistance of the FET die, allows for large-current control as much as rated 130 A (ID (DC)) in spite of the compact 5 mm × 6 mm size of the package, according to Renesas.

The three new MOSFETs, including the µPA2766T1A, have on-state resistance ratings ranging from 0.72 milli ohms to 1.05 milli ohms (standard value).

More info at http://sg.renesas.com

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