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Date: 03-03-13

Synopsys tunes its software for FinFET based VLSI design

Synopsys has announces VLSI chip design software for FinFET-based semiconductor designs. Silicon IP, Galaxy platform and foundry-endorsed extraction, simulation and modeling tools from Synopsys now support FinFET based below-20nm designs.

“Synopsys continues to make significant investments to develop a complete solution for adoption of new process geometries and devices, including FinFETs,” said Antun Domic, senior vice president and general manager of Synopsys’ Implementation Group. “Synopsys’ extensive collaboration with all the partners within the FinFET ecosystem, including foundries, early adopters and research institutions, allows us to deliver best-in-class technologies and to enable the market to realize the full potential of this new transistor design.”

“With our new 14nm-XM offering, we have accelerated our leading-edge roadmap to deliver a FinFET technology optimized for the expanding mobile market,” said Gregg Bartlett, senior vice president, chief technology officer at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. “Collaboration with partners has been a key element of our ability to deliver this innovative FinFET solution. We have collaborated early with Synopsys in multiple areas, including modeling of the FinFET devices in HSPICE. We continue our collaboration to accelerate adoption of FinFET technology for our mutual customers.”

“Our FinFET collaboration with Synopsys is key to maintaining our semiconductor leadership position,” said Dr. Kyu-Myung Choi, senior vice president of System LSI Infrastructure Design Center, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “Our foundry and semiconductor design expertise, combined with Synopsys’ broad EDA tool and IP development experience enabled us to address FinFET-related challenges effectively. We continue to engage in strong collaboration to maximize the benefits of FinFET technology.”

“Very early on, we successfully demonstrated the power and performance benefits of using FinFET 3-D transistors,” said Dr. Chenming Hu, distinguished professor of microelectronics at University of California, Berkeley, widely regarded as the pioneer of FinFET technology. “To make these demonstrations possible, my team worked closely with Synopsys R&D on a number of areas including device simulation. We continue to collaborate with Synopsys to deliver more innovations for FinFET deployment.”

PS: There were some serious errors in the previous version of this news article. The present one is corrected. We regret the error.

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