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Date: 03-03-13

Connector with multispring pin to eliminate solder magnet wires to PCB

TE Connectivity has launched the MAG-MATE connector with Multispring pin that streamlines the manufacturing process by eliminating the need to solder magnet wires to PCB (printed circuit board) connections in motors and coils.

Product Features:
Large gas-tight contact zone
High reliability due to stored energy
More economic board manufacturing due to larger hole tolerances compared to the use of a solid pin
Extraction force: Pin/PCB min 40N
Terminates all magnet wire film insulations
Eliminates need for pre-stripping conductors
Eliminates need to solder/weld
Simultaneously terminates two magnet wires of the same size in one terminal (for splicing or bi-filing)
High speed, fully-automated integrated systems provide uniform termination reliability at the lowest possible applied cost

Applications: Any motor or magnet wire application that requires a direct PCB connection

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