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Date: 03-03-13

650-800V FET and a current-mode PWM IC in single device for offline SMPS

Fairchild Semiconductor’s new FSL1x series of FPS Green Mode Power Switches integrate an avalanche-rugged 650-800V SenseFET and a current-mode pulse width modulator (PWM) that is specifically designed to reduce component count and system costs for offline SMPS. Additionally, the green-mode functionality of the PWM controller helps to meet global energy regulations by minimizing standby power consumption.

Fairchild says these power switches allow for a longer survival at breakdown mode due to Fairchild’s vertical DMOS technology with rugged avalanche characteristics, making them superior to the competitor’s designs that utilize lateral DMOS technology.

Features and Benefits:

Frequency modulation for attenuating electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Internal soft-start circuit smoothly increases output voltage to help prevent transformer saturation while reducing stress on the secondary diode
Burst-mode operation to minimize power dissipation in standby mode
Integrated protection features reduce the need for external components, protections include: overload protection (OLP), over-voltage protection (OVP), thermal shutdown (TSD), abnormal over-current protection (AOCP), output short protection (OSP) and auto restart mode

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