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Date: 03-03-13

ETSI category 1 compliance RFIC transceiver from Semtech

Semtech Corporation has expanded its RFIC transceiver platform with the new SX1235, low current sub-GHz RF transceiver that provides ETSI category 1 compliance with 6 dB regulatory margin.

ETSI category 1 compliance is the highest transceiver rating for European regulations and is required for safety-critical wireless applications such as social alarms and healthcare monitoring. The SX1235 expands the target applications for Semtech’s wireless platform and provides an affordable high-performance radio IC solution to monitor, serve and increase the safety to the elderly and workers in hazardous conditions.

Semtech says an integrated solution with the SX1235 reduces the development time and cost with flexibility to tailor to multiple products leading to the expansion of products to serve this important market segment,

With a 9.3 mA receive mode current consumption, the SX1235 is suggested as ideal for category 1 applications seeking the lowest consumption possible for maximum battery lifetime while giving the highest margin to the regulatory limits. Current consumption or power efficiency in both transmit and receive modes, determines the capacity of primary or secondary back-up battery cells used in category 1 products which have a significant influence on the cost of these systems.

“The SX1235’s high performance and low current consumption confirm Semtech’s position as a world leader in the field of low power transceivers with the most robust performance,“ said Hardy Schmidbauer, Semtech’s Director of Wireless ISM Products. “With half the receiver consumption of competing devices, this technology allows reliable category 1 compliance in battery powered applications enabling miniaturized low power category 1 devices that were previously unattainable.”

Key Features of the SX1235
+20 dBm maximum output power
-123 dBm sensitivity at 1.2 kbps
Low current consumption
9.3 mA RX current
100 nA sleep current
28 mA TX current at +13 dBm
-12 dBm IIP3
6 dB adjacent channel selectivity margin for category 1 compliance
6 dB margin for 2 MHz category 1 blocking specification with specified SAW filter
10 dB margin for 10 MHz category 1 blocking specification with specified SAW filter
1.8 to 3.7 V supply range
Ultra-fast frequency hopping

Home and Building Automation: Building Alarms Systems, Wireless Alarm
Medical: Medical Equipment, Healthcare Monitoring Systems

Pricing and Availability: The SX1235 is available immediately in production quantities and is priced at $1.95 each in 10,000-piece lots.

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