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Date: 03-03-13

DC/DC converter IC powering electronics from harvested energy

Texas Instruments has introduced the low power DC/DC step-down converter to power electronics from harvested energy in applications such as wireless sensor networks, monitoring systems, smoke detectors, wearable medical devices and mobile accessories. This battery free powering IC is claimed by TI as best in the market in powering for long time.

"Imagine not having to change the battery in your smoke detector – ever," said Sami Kiriaki, senior vice president of TI's Power Management. "TI continues to develop circuits with very low operating current and high power efficiency that can manage microwatts to milliwatts and extract ambient energy. This new power circuit gives designers capabilities not possible with traditional battery-powered systems."

TPS62736 DC/DC converter works at 90-percent efficiency when delivering current above 15 uA. TPS62736 consumes only 350 nA of active current and 20 nA during standby. TPS62736 regulator steps down the voltage from a power source, such as a thin-film or regular battery or a super capacitor and features a programmable output voltage.

Availability: Now in samples
Package: 3.5-mm by 3.5-mm QFN package
Price: US$2.00 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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