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Date: 08-10-12

Mobile 4G VoLTE SoC solution offered from D2 Technologies and Sequans

D2 Technologies has revealed a new System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solution for mobile 4G Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in partnership with Sequans Communications. The collaboration pairs D2’s mCUE 4G, a converged 4G mobile communications client for VoLTE and rich communications (RCS) video calling, with Sequans’ SQN3110, the baseband chip at the heart of Sequans’ second generation Andromeda LTE platform. The result is a complete turnkey design for OEMs and ODMs looking to bring mobile handsets, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices to market that tap the speed and advanced capability of the LTE network – including VoLTE and RCS.

"We are pleased with the results of our work with D2 that shows our VOLTE-ready technology running beautifully on D2's mCUE VOLTE platform," said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. "Voice over LTE is key for the future of LTE and collaborations like ours with D2 will soon make it a commercial reality."

“D2 has a long history of successfully partnering with Sequans in interoperability tests and trials as well as with its earlier SoC products,” noted Doug Makishima, chief operating officer for D2 Technologies. “The company is well known for its chipsets delivering high throughput and advanced QoS with low power consumption – all features that are necessary for OEMs to develop products that offer IMS-rich IP communications services. Together, we’re offering customers a faster way to meet the rising consumer demand for 4G mobile devices.”

About mCUE 4G:
D2 Technologies’ mCUE 4G is an advanced IMS IP communications software solution for the Android OS platform, supporting both the IR.92 VoLTE and RCS5/RCS-e GSMA standards to deliver IP communications features like HD voice, real time video call, instant message, presence, SMS and VCC on 4G mobile networks. mCUE 4G is a complete communications client, offering all key layers from the UI and protocol stacks, a fully embedded media engine that includes a complete VoIP DSP module with wideband CODECs, and optimized video framework integration that supports native hardware video acceleration.

mCUE 4G supports application processors from companies such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Freescale Semiconductor, Marvell and Texas Instruments Incorporated. It features:
1. VoLTE (IR.92) and RCS5/RCS-e standards compliance
2. VoIP and SMS/MMS over IP
3. IP video call and conference (IR.94)
4. Seamless call handover with SR-VCC and DR-VCC
5. Complete UI with seamless user experience
6. Optimized and portable Android framework integration

About Sequans SQN3110:
The Sequans SQN3110 is the baseband chip at the heart of Sequans¹ second generation Andromeda LTE platform for mobile devices. It is built in 40 nm CMOS, is 3GPP R9 compliant, supports both TDD and FDD for global compatibility, and comes in a very small 10x10 mm package that includes SDRAM. The Sequans SQN3110 delivers full category 4 throughput of 150 Mbps with all key 3GPP R9 features enabled.

Source: D2 Technologies

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