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Date: 19-09-12

Antenna design application notes from AWR

AWR has released two new application notes centered on antenna design. They are

1. AXIEM Application Note: Design of a Near Field Communication (NFC) Antenna System

NFC is being developed as a form of contactless communication between wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. This application note describes a sample Rohde & Schwarz NFC design using Microwave Office/AXIEM. Thanks to its ability to incorporate EM models easily into nonlinear schematics, as well as support for EM model parameterization and interpolation. AWR software is well suited to the design of NFC antenna systems, which require EM simulation of both the polling and listening sides of the antenna system, as well as the incorporation of discrete elements, including nonlinear diode bridges that convert RF energy into DC signals.
Application note: http://web.awrcorp.com/content/Downloads/NFC-AXIEM-app-note.pdf

2. AWR Connected Application Note: Design Flow for Base Station Antennas

Antenna Magus now offers automated synthesis capability to the field of antenna design. Antenna Magus automates the initial selection/narrowing of scope aspect of the design process, enabling the engineer to assess more options and develop deeper insights within a shorter amount of time. This design note explains how antennas designed in Antenna Magus can be exported as models to AWR’s Microwave Office/AXIEM software for analysis and integration with circuits and other system components, truly integrating the design of the antenna into the overall design of the device and the system.
Application note: http://web.awrcorp.com/content/Downloads/antenna-magus-app-note.pdf

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