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Date:27th Mar 2012

The new wireless charging ICs from ON Semiconductor, TI and IDT

In power electronics design domain, one of the hot technology trend is wireless charging. This is more in need for mobile phone and other such handheld mobile device charging, and also for electric car charging.

Some of the recently released ICs for wireless mobile phone charging include from ON Semiconductor, Texas Instruments (TI), and Integrated Device Technology (IDT). Here below are the more details of the three cordless charging chips.

ON Semiconductor's NMLU1210 is a power MOSFET IC for wireless charging applications in portable products such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, portable media players, digital still cameras and GPS units.

The NMLU1210 is a 20 volt (V) N-channel full bridge semi-synchronous rectifier, that incorporates a dual Schottky barrier diode supporting up to 3.2 ampere (A) operation plus two MOSFETs with a 17 milli ohm (typical) Rds(ON) to minimize conduction losses and substantially increase efficiency of the charging system.

NMLU1210 is used by the receiver side to convert AC voltage generated by the transmitter to DC voltage used for battery charging. It has an operational junction temperature of -55 Deg C to 125 Deg C.

The NMLU1210 offered in a 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.5 mm µCool, RoHS-compliant package. The device is priced at $0.70 per unit in 10,000 unit quantities. More info at www.onsemi.com

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has introduced bqTESLA wireless power transmitter integrated circuit (IC). The bq500210 is 50-percent smaller than TI's previous transmitter chip, minimizing the impact to portable power designs and solution size, claims TI.

According to TI, the small, intelligent IC integrates all the functionality required to safely and efficiently control wireless power transfer in a contactless charging base station, by utilizing Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) compliant inductive power transfer, the transmitter provides power to Qi-compliant portable devices, such as smart phones, portable gaming systems, digital cameras and Bluetooth low energy systems, as well as medical and industrial equipment.

Key features and benefits of the bq500210 include:
Single-chip wireless power transfer controller compliant to WPC Qi-compliant specification 102.
Real-time efficiency analyzer maximizes power transfer efficiency, reduces power consumption, and protects itself and the receiver from excessive power loss and heat.
Closed-loop power transfer control via frequency modulation for comprehensive system-level power transfer management.
Parasitic metal object detection (PMOD) provides protection from power transfer to metal objects, overheating and power loss.
Overload and over temperature protection ensures safe and reliable operation.
Small 7-mm x 7-mm, 48-pin QFN package minimizes impact to end equipment designs.
For more information visit: www.ti.com

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has announced the world's first true single-chip wireless power transmitter accompanied by the industry's highest-output-power single-chip receiver solution.

The IDTP9030 and IDTP9020 comprise a wireless power transmitter and receiver solution designed to meet the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard, which ensures interoperability with any other device meeting the WPC Qi standard. Both transmitter and receiver are capable of "multi-mode" operation, supporting both the Qi standard as well as proprietary formats for added features, improved safety, and increased power output capability. Built-in protocol detection enables dynamic switching between Qi and proprietary modes, creating seamless transitions and a trouble-free user experience. These devices can be used in a myriad of mobile applications for convenient and effortless battery charging.

The IDTP9030 is the most highly integrated wireless power transmitter available now.

The IDTP9030 and IDTP9020 are currently sampling to qualified customers of IDTI. They are available in 48-lead 6 x 6 mm VFQFN (IDTP9030) and 56-lead 7 x 7 mm TQFN (IDTP9020) packages. The IDTP9030 and IDTP9020 are priced at $4.70 and $3.60 each for volumes of 10,000 units, respectively. For more information, visit www.idt.com/go/wirelesspower.

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