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Date: 21-03-12

7000 DMIPs dual-core/quad thread processor powered hybrid gateway SoC

Broadcom Corporation has introduced the BCM7435, the 40nm Dual Core Hybrid Gateway system-on-a-chip (SoC) with Web domain security. BCM7435 with processing power of 7000 DMIPs dual-core/ quad thread features Integrated Quad Transcoding and MoCA 2.0 for a connected, Web-based TV experience.

Key Features as explained by Broadcom:
With the same footprint as the BCM7425 Dual Transcoding MoCA 2.0 Gateway platform, the BCM7435 expands gateway/client solution capabilities with the following key features:
More than 200 Percent Higher Applications CPU performance: 7000 DMIPS Dual Core/ Quad Thread applications processor with Hardware Hypervisor supporting Multi-Processor and Multi-Operating System software platforms.
CPU Core Web Domain Security: secures web browsers and app stores to be delivered together with premium broadcast content while protecting overall core functions and high value content.
Quad Transcoding: four real-time HD Transcoding streams for expanded consumer electronics device support. Removes requirements for expensive external peripheral hardware.
Expanded Video Capacity: supports security for up to 22 simultaneous video streams.
300 Percent Increase in 3D Graphics Performance: extreme performance for more advanced 3D user interfaces and gaming applications.
200 Percent Increase in Audio Processing: expands systems audio transcode supporting state-of-the-art audio formats, and multi-channel volume leveling.
The BCM7435 shares the following features with the BCM7425:
Connectivity: MoCA 2.0 support doubles throughput performance and capacity compared to previous generations.
Low Power: adds critical power management capability for new energy efficiency requirements.

Availability: Now shipping.

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